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Plantation drive with Rhenus and Save Aravali Trust

Plantation drive with Rhenus and Save Aravali Trust

Sat 26/Aug/2023 Faridabad Forest save Aravali

event cover Plantation drive with Rhenus and Save Aravali Trust
Join us for a transformative morning of environmental stewardship as Rhenus partners with the Save Aravali Trust to host a remarkable plantation activity. Together, let's sow the seeds of change and nurture the lush biodiversity of the Aravali Mountains in Faridabad.
Event Details:
Date: August 26th
Time: 7:00 AM
Location: Faridabad Forest Area - Gurgaon Faridabad road, near pali police chowki
About the Event:
Our mission is clear: to enhance the natural beauty of the Aravalis and contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem. The Save Aravali Trust, in collaboration with Rhenus, invites you to be a part of this green movement. We will be planting native plants that not only enrich the environment but also help maintain the delicate balance of the local ecosystem.
What to Wear and Bring:
Given the hilly terrain of the Aravali Mountains, we recommend participants to wear comfortable and sturdy footwear, preferably trekking shoes, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
- Dress appropriately for the monsoon season – lightweight, breathable clothing that can handle the weather changes.
- Don't forget to bring an umbrella to stay shielded from the occasional rain showers.
- It's crucial to stay hydrated, so carry reusable water bottles to quench your thirst as we engage in this fulfilling activity.
Join Us:
The power to make a positive impact lies in our hands. Come, be a force for good and leave a lasting imprint on the land we call home. Whether you are an eco-enthusiast, nature lover, or someone looking to make a difference, this is your chance to contribute to the preservation of our natural heritage.
Let's unite under the banner of environmental responsibility and sow the seeds of a greener future together.
See you at Faridabad Forest Area of the Aravali Mountains. Embrace the beauty of nature and be a part of something truly remarkable.

For inquiries, please contact +919910087107

Note: This event will strictly adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure the well-being of all participants.

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